The 30 Most Terrifying Pictures on the Internet

The Notice

This photo has been circling the internet for some time now, however it is unclear exactly where it came from. One particularly strange aspect is the strange manner in which the not is attached to the light pole. What exactly is the eerie orange face? What is it made of? We are guessing clay is a possibility. Another question though? Did the strange old man put the note there just to make his ‘models’ pose for long enough that he would be able to take the photograph.


One thing is clear from the note is that this is not taking place in the U.S. How do we know? The use of the word “wee” is indicative of a western european dialect, perhaps in Scotland.
In some ways that makes everything that much creepier. Scotland is, after all, one of the more haunted places in the world. We find ourselves wondering what the man looks like? Is he like a grandfather, or a serial killer? We will never know. one thing is for sure though – we definitely want to meet him, maybe have a cup of tea, and make a few models with him. Maybe we are him? Hmmm?

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