50 Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Come on, show us that million-dollar smile! Whether you’re walking the red carpet in a sequined gown or dashing tux, heading to the mall for some weekend shopping or making the trek to the local grocery store in sweats and a baseball cap, everyone wants to look beautiful. From little girls begging to try on their moms’ high heels and old ladies putting on their Sunday finest to middle-aged men looking to hide the grey hair in their beards, who doesn’t want to look their best?

For most of us, looking our best often means a special outfit, a new hairstyle or an extra dab of cologne to boost our confidence. However, celebrities raking in big paychecks tend to take their looks and their beauty to the next level with – you guessed it – plastic surgery. What’s a few thousand dollars to tuck, tighten, pull, veneer, laser or chisel anyway?

From lip augmentations, fillers and rhinoplasties to breast implants, eyelid surgeries, tummy tucks, butt implants, facelifts and more, Hollywood’s hottest celebrities continue to prove that nothing is off limits when it comes to their looks. Spending thousands (and even millions) of dollars, we found 50 of the most expensive celebrities whose plastic surgery bills are literally through the roof! Are you curious? Let’s take a look at these celebrities who quit chasing the fountain of youth and simply bought it instead.

#50 – Kelly Rowland ($3,900)


Kicking off our list with one of pop music’s most popular groups of the new millennium, Kelly Rowland rose to fame alongside Michelle Williams and Beyonce Knowles as Destiny’s Child. Together, the group became one of the best-selling girl groups of all time selling over 60 million records and winning dozens of awards before disbanding in 2005. With Beyonce launching her solo career, Rowland followed suit and released hit singles like “Dilemma,” “Work” and “When Love Takes Over.”

Looking hotter than ever before at 35 years old and after giving birth to a son in 2014, the former Destiny’s Child singer has done more than simply eating clean and exercising to enhance her look. Admitting that she wanted to get breast implants at 18 years old, Rowland waited 10 years after her mom and Beyonce’s mom encouraged her to think long and hard before going under the knife and forever changing her appearance.

At 28 years old and after months of walking around in padded bras to get comfortable with a larger bust size, Rowland spent nearly $4,000 on breast implants. Thrilled with her new look and happy that she waited a decade before the surgery, Rowland continues to turn heads with her stunning beauty and talent as part of the television series Empire in addition to her most recent debut on Chasing Destiny, a search to find the next superstar female group.

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